3 Quick Tips for Small Office Spaces

Some of us are trying to turn that small bedroom into a home office. Others of us might be looking to make the best out of the small office they have at their place of work. At the end of the day, our office is our office, and we want to make the most out of the space we have. But how..?

  1. Make the most of the Corners.
L-shape Desk with Bullet Top, Computer Corner, and drawers that lock (officefurnitureusa.store)

L-Shaped Desks can really give back some desk space. It can nicely tuck itself into a corner with its convenient l-shape. In the photo above, we see an L-Shaped Desk with a Bullet Top. This is the rounded end. This rounded not only gives the desk a slightly different look, but also allows for a little extra leg room for your guests. This is a great addition to any tight space.

2. If you can’t build out, build up.

Bow Top Double Pedestal Desk with drawers, Credenza, and Hutch (officefurnitureusa.store)

Here we see a a two piece set that is perfect for a small office. The Bow-Top allows for extra leg room for your guests. The desk has two box/box/file pedestal drawers that lock. It also has the Hutch with 4 extra drawers. The hutch allows you to put extra storage higher, utilizing space vertically, and maximizing available floor space. This is perfect for smaller rooms with limited room to move around from side to side.

3. Stackable Guest Chairs.

Stretch Mesh Back Mobile Stacking Chair with All Surface Casters (officefurnitureusa.store)

While you might be able to comfortably fit three or four guests in your office at a time, but keeping that many office chairs around for guests that aren’t always there can be tedious. Help keep your floor space free by investing in Stackable Chairs. The chairs we see here from Officefurnitureusa.store are not only stackable, but have casters, or wheels, that make them very easy to move around. They are lightweight, easy to move, and comfortable. A great addition to any office.

With these 3 quick tips, you might be able to squeeze a little more real estate out of your small office. Be sure to see all of the great products at https://officefurnitureusa.store. — Office Furniture Gur