Best Chair to Alleviate Back Pain

It seems that everyone eventually develops a little bit of Lower Back Pain. The way you sit can significantly contribute to lower back pain. There are lots of chairs that can help with alleviating lower back pain, but which one is the best?

Well, unfortunately there isn’t a one size fits all answer. Instead, let’s focus on the technology in the chairs that are designed to help alleviate back pain, and explain how they function.

Lifetime Warranty Multi-Function mid back Chair (

Let’s take a look at this Multi-Function Mid Back Chair from What are some of the functions and how do they help lower back pain. Some of the features even work together: Tension Control, Center-Tilt, and Tilt-Lock.

Tension Control, Center-Tilt, and Tilt-Lock work together to create a custom fit for height and weight. Tension Control allows for someone who is Taller and Heavier tighten the Tilt, so the chair doesn’t just move when you do not want it to. For a person who might be lighter or shorter in stature may find that Tight Tension is very confining, not allowing them to move in their seat.

Center-Tilt and Tilt-lock work together to ensure the chair is in just the right position. Center-Tilt is a fundamental Posture Mechanism that allows for the chair to swivel around a center point. The Tilt-Lock allows for someone to lock the position securely for maximum comfort.

Black Leather Executive High-Back Chair with a Black Base (

So why would someone want a mid back instead of a high back chair. Sometimes a Kneeling Position is required to alleviate back pain. A mid back chair allows for the user to flip it around and kneel while working. This engages the core, and can significantly reduce back pain. Kneeling positions are one reason a mid back chair could be the best fit.

A high back chair on the other hand can really support the curve of your spine all the way up the back. We recommend that you consult with a physician and determine which sort of chair may work best for you. A proper office chair can help you alleviate that lower back pain that has been ailing you. Be sure to buy one today!