L-Shaped Desks just have more room

We have all been there, taking care of a project with multiple accounts. Sure, the company is paperless, but don’t tell that to the mountain of exploding file folders neatly organized on your floor. Or here is another common scenario, you are trying to have a quick, impromptu meeting in your office, but the person on the other side of the desk can’t see you over your double monitors.

There is a better way. L-Shaped desks give you the extra room to be able to have that nice double monitor display, still have plenty of room to organize files and folders you are working on, and even have an area for you to be able to have a meeting without having your computer block the person across from you.

L-Shaped Desk from https://Officefurnitureusa.store

So there are a couple of things you should understand. The desk in the picture is organized in box/box/file file/file. On the left hand side, we have box/box, or the two smaller drawers at the top. File sized drawer at the bottom. On the right, we have two File sized drawers. Often times, this is customizable. The drawers should also come with a lock, be certain to take note if the drawers contain a lock or not.

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